12 Weeks Already

It’s scary to think how quickly time is going and that I’m already at the 12 week mark.

Today marked the date of my 12 week scan at the hospital and it’s amazing just how nervous I get on the way to a scan. I’m sure every expectant mother feels the same: Is everything ok? Will I hear a heartbeat? When will I feel it kick just so I know the baby is mooching around in there?! It’s such a nerve racking time but at least it proves we care!

I was seen at Lagan Valley Hospital who are absolutely amazing. They took me within 5 minutes of arriving (even though we were early!) and proceeded with the scan before they sat me down and asked any health questions. As soon as I saw that little thing moving around I relaxed!

The whole process really got me thinking though. The amount of health questions I was asked was baffling and it made me realise that I actually know very little about my family medical history. Ok I know rough bits and pieces but when the midwife was asking me particular questions to ensure they don’t need to take extra medical care I was a bit stumped! It also made me realise how it is so important to know certain medical issues that have previously arisen within the family to really ensure baby won’t be affected down the line!

If I could give one tip to any expecting mums at this stage it’s do your homework! You’ll feel so much better knowing the facts when the questions are being fired at you!

T x


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