Heels = Hell

I don’t know how they do it. I honestly don’t know how celebrities wear high heels right up until they’re about to give birth!! Or am I just weak?

I’d understand if I wasn’t used to wearing heels but I am! Having worked in PR, events and fashion, my feet have been well abused when it comes to wearing heels for the whole day or night, and that’s not including the nights out with non stop dancing!

However tonight I went to the opening of Studio Souk (amazing shop you should definitely check out!) with my friend and wore a fairly comfy pair of heels – said shoes in pic above – for literally 3 hours. I was driving seeing as I can’t drink, naturally, and walked from the car to the event then onto a restaurant for a bite to eat then back to the car. That’s it! No boogying, no carrying heavy objects, nada! My feet were in agony!

I got home and had an aching back and blisters on the soles of my feet! Has anyone else had this issue?? I’d understand if I was into my third trimester and had a massive bump but I’m not that big just yet.

Think I will have to stick to medium heels or flats from now on. Boo!!

T x


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