Pregnancy & Baby Fair

So today was a pretty exciting day! I went to my first ever baby fair and although it was a bit intimidating at first, the advice we received and new things we learnt was amazing!

The Pregnancy and Baby Fair has been around in the South of Ireland for a good few years, however this was the first time it was in Belfast. It was quite small and perhaps could have done with more variety but for the first event of its kind here it was a perfect starter and was pretty busy!

First off was a decision on a pram. We had looked at different options before and had originally decided we wanted the Stokke but after testing a few at the fair we realised it wasn’t for us.

The first pram we tried was the Bugaboo and although it’s an amazing pram and ranks really highly against other prams, it just wasn’t for us. It felt really bulky and it seemed like baby would be quite far away from us which I didn’t like.

The second pram was the UPPAbaby which I really warmed too. The guy demonstrating all of it features made it look so simple to use and I thought I had found the one.

That was until we were introduced to the iCandy and I have to admit it is a very sexy pram! Can prams be sexy?! Everything about this seemed right to me and it was even better when Alan started getting into the technical side of it all. It’s always good to have the husband on side when you’re spending a small fortune on something!!

The iCandy is rather expensive but we got an amazing discount at the fair plus a lovely baby bag thrown in which matches the pram. If there’s a baby fair near you, I’d definitely recommend attending to see what discounts you can get. We only had to pay £100 deposit on the day and have been able to pay off the pram before it is delivered in July. Makes everything that bit more achievable.

The next ‘device’ we went on to discover was a baby carrier. Alan has mentioned a few times how he wanted one of these for carrying the baby around when we were out for walks with the dogs or travelling so it was great to be shown how they work using the weight of a doll weighing roughly the same as 3 month old baby.

Alan tried out the Lille Baby, and as you can see, there was a bit of a struggle to begin with, but he said it was actually really comfy and the benefit to this one is that you can put the baby on the front when it’s younger, but then on your back as it gets older.

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Last but not least were reusable nappies. Now we had NO idea that new improved reusable nappies existed (first time parents and all that!) and we were pleasantly surprised to be introduced to a range of reusable nappies from Cloth Nappies NI. The initial outlay is quite high but nappies can be used from birth right through to potty training as there are poppers on each nappy meaning it can be extended as a child grows. There’s also a great wash bag that nappies can be put in to before it’s all thrown in the wash! I had initially been all for reusable nappies for sake of ease, but I’ve definitely warmed to these and think I will give them a shot!!

What are your thoughts on the 3 products I’ve mentioned? Any tips/advice for me before we go ahead and buy the carrier and reusable nappies?!

T x


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