It’s a Boy!

Well I’m now 16.5 weeks gone and we just couldn’t wait any longer to find out if we are having a boy or a girl so we booked into Babybond on the Malone Road for another private scan. This scan was a specific gender and 4d scan which was really worth the money (£79) as it let us see our baby in 4d, as well as take home 4d pics and also revealed the sex.

After an anxious wait due to baby moving about so much, the sonographer finally managed to get a clear shot of baby’s bits and lo and behold announced we are having a BOY!!

Image 1

I’m super excited to be having a boy for a couple of reasons.

1. I’ve always wanted a boy and a girl and for some silly reason have always pictured having a boy a few years older than a girl – big caring brother and all that.

2. It sounds silly I’m actually so proud to be able to produce a little boy for my husband Alan. He obviously didn’t mind what we had but the excitement and pride in his voice since finding out he is having a son is so loveable. He has already decided what sports he wants him to play and keeps going on about ‘adventuring’. I’m going to be tortured if we don’t have a girl next!

We have our big 20 week scan in a couple of weeks so we hope the midwife will be able to confirm the sex and let us know all body parts etc are functioning properly!

T x


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