The Bump Touchers

So last night was the first time I experienced the dreaded “bump touchers”!!

I’ve read a lot about how to deal with people touching the bump and what to say to them, however I never really thought about it as it hadn’t happened to me.

Last night I went to the Usher concert in Belfast with my girlfriends before heading to The National to meet up with our other halves and friends. It was the day of the 6Nations final so everyone was pretty well on when we got there and it was actually the first time I had seen most of our friends since we made our announcement.

To be fair, they were all pretty funny and it was actually the guys who were more interested in talking about it all! One of our friends was telling my bump to be a Villa supporter, while the others were just coming over and feeling my bump and saying how mad it was that I am pregnant. Of course ALL of them were saying we should name the baby after them when we told them we are having a boy – it must be a man thing to want to have someone named after them!

How have you been dealing with the bump touchers? Do you mind people touching without asking or would you prefer they didn’t?

T x


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