Babymoon to Spain!

Not to make you jealous or anything but I’m writing this from sunny Spain as we decided to go on a babymoon!

It was very last minute and I’m struggling with the heat at the moment but we figured life is going to change after August so we may as well get one final relaxing holiday in before the madness begins!!

It’s roughly 35 degrees here which is a lot hotter than we had anticipated so my ankles have swollen and I can only sit out in the sun for a couple of hours a day but it’s better than being at home in the freezing wet and windy weather stressing about work things! We decided to bring our laptops out so we could do a couple of hours a work today and not have a major pile of catching up to do when we get home and so far it’s working quite well. 

Today we took ourselves off to a random beach earlier and sunbathed and swam for a few hours which was bliss. After doing a bit of research, I’ve decided to wear a higher factor of sun cream than usual as pregnant women’s skin are apparently more susceptible to getting burnt so I want to try and ensure that doesn’t happen! I’m also really conscious of bump over heating? Is that stupid? Seeing as we are meant to watch the heat of baths and showers, I’ve assumed its the same for direct sunlight beating down on me, especially as my body is used to the chillier weather!

Will keep you posted over the week ahead!

T x


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