Into the Third 

I’m officially into the third trimester! Scary how time flies and how I still have a good bit to go and a lot to grow!

Spain has been great, apart from the heat rash which I developed all over my arms, chest and belly! It turns out that skin can be a lot more sensitive when pregnant, as I have never had heat rash before. I looked into it and apparently using oil based sun protection, which I tend to use, isn’t the best as oil blocks the pores so we went out and bought a nice big sensitive sun cream. It was a bit more expensive that I usually spend on sun cream but if it works then I will be a happy bunny!

Nothing much to report other than that! I’ve come to realise that they do decaffeinated coffee where we have our morning coffee and croissant so that’s a bonus! I thought I would have to go 2 weeks without a coffee which would have been hard alongside giving up soft cheese and deli meats whilst here.

It’s also got a bit cooler and there’s a breeze most days which is lovely and a lot more bearable. As my mum has a house here (which is available to rent – – shameless plug!) we have picked up a high chair to keep here for any time we are out and we are also keeping our eyes peeled for travel cots and strollers to save having to look when we are out, hopefully next year, with Baby D!

Do any of you have any nice holidays booked?

T x


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