Getting Prepared

wall sticker

Last week was what I consider to be the proper start of preparations for Baby D’s arrival. A few people I’ve spoken to think it’s too early and that I’m being a perfectionist and others seem to be even more organised than me.

I guess each to their own and all that but I know in myself that I will be calmer for the rest of my pregnancy if I know I’m taking steps to getting everything organised. If anything was to happen and I went into labour early, I’d prefer to know that our home environment was ready for bringing Baby D home.

So, last week we decided to tackle painting and organising the nursery. The room is actually big enough but we hadn’t done much with it when we moved in so it was a bit of a blank canvas. The walls have now gone from a cream to white and blue, a shelf has gone up and an old wooden trunk has been brought in for teddies and books. I also decided to put up translucent white curtains to make the whole room softer instead of just having a blind. Waiting to go up in the coming weeks is a wall sticker quote from Wallapalooza & bunting and the cot & bedding have been ordered!

While I was at it, I figured now would be a good time to wash all of Baby D’s clothes and put them away. We’ve also chosen the clothes we want to bring him home from the hospital in and although we haven’t gone out and bought all the bits and pieces we need for birth, I have a list ready and know where to buy everything.

After my last antenatal appointment I guess I realised that we are now on the home stretch. I get that it’s easy to know based on number of weeks etc but the relaxed ‘Oh congratulations on your pregnancy’ chats with the midwives has turned into a more serious discussion about iron levels, check ups being every two weeks from now on and what the plan is if Baby D decides not to show by his due date.

The blogs on my pregnancy app, Pregnancy+ have also started talking about considering birthing partners, breastfeeding classes and reasons to consider a home birth, all topics that stop and make me wonder if we are well enough prepared!

I guess we will never be ‘ready’ for the huge life change that is happening in less than 10 weeks but what’s the harm in trying to be as prepared as possible?

T x


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