Foggy Brained

I’ve not been feeling the most alert in the last few weeks but I now seem to either go between super proactive and hyper to over tired and foggy brained, and the last few days has been a lot worse than usual! 

I’ve read that this generally happens in the third trimester due to “nesting” but it would be great if the hyper part could stick around for a bit longer as it’s only then that I feel like my old self.

I feel like I’ve been out partying for the night and have to deal with a hangover the next day, only I didn’t get to experience the fun part. Take Saturday for example, I had a great day celebrating my friend’s baby shower, who is due 2 weeks after me, then came home and had a group of people over for a BBQ. Luckily for me, Alan basically looked after everything as I knew I just wouldn’t be up to it, as well as the fact that my HUGE bump generally gets in the way of doing anything productive when it comes to hosting. Everyone didn’t leave until 1am and by that stage I was completely beat!


So beat in fact that I slept until 12pm on Sunday then had a nap from 2pm-4.30pm before doing some work and heading to a friend’s house for a small get together, before coming home and working until around 11pm. I was up early this morning for a meeting, and even though I was there in person, my brain was definitely only 1/4 there. Now I’m home from my meeting and trying to work but I just can’t form sentences!

Please tell me this is normal for third trimester in pregnancy? I’m wishing the due date would fly in just so I could try and go back to my normal self, but then I’ve been told the real tiredness will set in when Baby D arrives so basically I will never be who I used to be!!

As I mentioned, my bump is massive. So massive that anyone I see tells me how big I’m getting which makes me feel even more self conscious than I already do. I’m trying to convince myself that it just looks big because I’m all bump but I’m counting down the days that I get my figure back and can wear my old wardrobe.

Only just over 6 weeks to go so let’s hope the time flies in!!

T x


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