Review: Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor

I mentioned a few weeks back that I had ordered an Angelcare monitor and was waiting for it to arrive.

I hadn’t even heard about the monitor until my husband came back from Dublin one evening and said he had been speaking to some lady at a networking event who said we HAD to get one so we looked into it.

There are so many variations of monitors available on the Angelcare website, from sound, video options, movement sensors etc. that we didn’t really know where to start, and to be honest they aren’t cheap!

We decided to have a look on eBay to see if anyone was selling them at a fraction of the price and we were delighted to see there were plenty of options! We started bidding on the AC401 Movement and Sound Monitor and were delighted to win the bidding at £40, a fraction of the RRP of £95.

If any of you haven’t heard of this 2in1 monitor, I would HIGHLY recommend it! The monitor comes with a sensor pad that you put under the crib/cot mattress which senses even the lightest movements (even baby’s breathing), so if your baby is still for 20 seconds, you’ll be alerted by a lovely high pitched alarm. A few people have mentioned they had some false alarms, but I’d prefer the alarm to go off and everything be OK than not have it and something happen. There’s also an option to pause the alarm function if you are feeding/changing the baby, which means no high pitched alarms going off for no need.

The sound on the monitor is crystal clear and picks up even the lowest of sounds. Cue Alan and I whispering into the monitor as quietly as we could to see just how much it picked up. It did an unreal job! There’s a night light on the monitor and it’s shaped like an angel which is adorable.

On the parent unit, it comes with a good few features that will make me feel more at ease with a new baby. The unit itself is rechargeable which means it doesn’t need to be plugged in all the time. As well as that, it has a 250 metre range (nice and far) and an alarm sounds if connectivity is lost. One of the best features of the parent unit for me has to be that it monitors the temperature in the baby’s room and again an alarm sounds if it’s too high or too low. This is something I’m quite concerned with for the first few weeks of being a mum, as I’d worry about Baby D being too hot or cold.

Of all the items I’ve bought so far, I really think this will be the one most worth the money spent. Now let’s just hope Baby D makes an appearance in the next few weeks so we can try it out for real!

T x


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