37 weeks and counting…

I apologise, I have been VERY lazy on the blog front recently. I have a load of posts in drafts that I just haven’t finished but it’s with good reason!

So today I am 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant (nearing ever closer to due date!) and last week we had a bit of a wake up call that made me kick my ass into gear with last minute things that needed to be done for the big arrival.

I’m not going to bore you with the details but in a nutshell my back completely seized up on Tuesday morning. It was so sore I could barely walk. Sitting, standing, hot water bottle, paracetamol and a hot bath did nothing to ease it so I phoned the hospital who said it was probably something muscular and to wait it out. It was only when we phoned my mother-in-law (who used to be a nurse – handy) that we thought about how all of this could be affecting Baby D. She told us to go into hospital and have his heartbeat checked to ensure he was OK. All of a sudden I felt VERY guilty that I hadn’t even thought about that side of it but I felt him moving about so figured he was fine. Anyway, we decided to go in and after two hours of being checked over, I was told by a doctor and midwife that baby had engaged, I was most likely in pre-labour and to be ready from now for anything to happen.

I’m not going to lie. I was a bit freaked out. I had had some cramps which weren’t really too sore so didn’t think much about them and I had only gone in to have his heart checked as I figured I had tweaked my back somehow, so hearing the doctor say “I don’t know if we are talking days or weeks but best to be prepared. As you are only 36 weeks 3 days, we would need to keep an eye on baby but we would be happy enough with it all if it was to progress at a faster rate!” Sorry what?!

Suddenly we went from breezily saying “Oh haha yes we have a feeling Baby D will come early” to realising early is any time from NOW!

Our eyes had been opened. Yes we had pretty much everything we needed for the hospital bag. No it wasn’t packed and we didn’t have it with us. Yes I’m sure we could have coped just fine if I had to stay in but no, no-one else had a key to the house who could just run in and get the necessities. Oh yes we have the nursery painted and ready to go but oh dear no the car seat and pram haven’t been delivered yet. You get the jist.

So last week we spent our free time getting last minute bits and pieces, getting the bag packed, ensuring friends and family know where stuff is and given them house keys and finally got down to filling in the birth plan page in my maternity notes.

After that whirlwind I just couldn’t muster the energy to sit down and write so my apologies! Now that all has settled, for now, and we have everything ready to go I will find the time to finish my drafts and publish a few more posts!

Also, the bump tracker has been updated! I’m huge and ready to pop and DEFINITELY hoping Baby D comes sooner rather than later.

T x


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