37 weeks and counting…

I apologise, I have been VERY lazy on the blog front recently. I have a load of posts in drafts that I just haven’t finished but it’s with good reason!

So today I am 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant (nearing ever closer to due date!) and last week we had a bit of a wake up call that made me kick my ass into gear with last minute things that needed to be done for the big arrival.

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Getting Prepared

wall sticker

Last week was what I consider to be the proper start of preparations for Baby D’s arrival. A few people I’ve spoken to think it’s too early and that I’m being a perfectionist and others seem to be even more organised than me.

I guess each to their own and all that but I know in myself that I will be calmer for the rest of my pregnancy if I know I’m taking steps to getting everything organised. If anything was to happen and I went into labour early, I’d prefer to know that our home environment was ready for bringing Baby D home. Continue reading


I went to a physio class a while back in Lagan Valley Hospital and the one thing the physio kept reiterating was to try and exercise throughout pregnancy. Labour is meant to be like a marathon and apparently exercising is meant to keep the body strong and best prepare it for the big day. Continue reading