Tonight will be the night. Won’t it?!

It’s 21.20 and I’m lying on my bed with 3 week old Seb snoring in my arms. To anyone on the outside looking in, the scene would look like pure bliss and I guess if I take a minute to let go of all the stress and tiredness, I’d see it too. But I can’t.  Continue reading


Welcome to the World Sebastian

So it’s been about a month since I last posted but it’s for good reason seeing as we welcomed our son, Sebastian Joseph Duncan (Seb for short) into the world on 25th August.

Since then we have been swept up in the joy of being new parents, welcoming visitors who want to come for Sebbie cuddles, trying to work out what we are doing right/wrong, dealing with the sleepless nights but most of all marvelling in how amazing our little man is!

Continue reading

Review: Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub

I mentioned a while back that I got terrible heat rash when I was in Spain and since I got home I’ve been peeling layer upon layer! I tried to moisturise, use baby oil and even put stretch mark oil all over me, but no matter what I did, it just wasn’t enough to stop my skin from peeling. Continue reading

12 Weeks Already

It’s scary to think how quickly time is going and that I’m already at the 12 week mark.

Today marked the date of my 12 week scan at the hospital and it’s amazing just how nervous I get on the way to a scan. I’m sure every expectant mother feels the same: Is everything ok? Will I hear a heartbeat? When will I feel it kick just so I know the baby is mooching around in there?! It’s such a nerve racking time but at least it proves we care! Continue reading