Getting Bigger

Today was another momentous moment in that we went for a 20 week scan!! I had done a bit of reading beforehand so I would know what to expect but Alan (typical male) didn’t realise quite how serious this scan was and couldn’t understand why I was so nervous! Continue reading


It’s a Boy!

Well I’m now 16.5 weeks gone and we just couldn’t wait any longer to find out if we are having a boy or a girl so we booked into Babybond on the Malone Road for another private scan. This scan was a specific gender and 4d scan which was really worth the money (£79) as it let us see our baby in 4d, as well as take home 4d pics and also revealed the sex. Continue reading

12 Weeks Already

It’s scary to think how quickly time is going and that I’m already at the 12 week mark.

Today marked the date of my 12 week scan at the hospital and it’s amazing just how nervous I get on the way to a scan. I’m sure every expectant mother feels the same: Is everything ok? Will I hear a heartbeat? When will I feel it kick just so I know the baby is mooching around in there?! It’s such a nerve racking time but at least it proves we care! Continue reading