Maternal Guilt

As I mentioned in my last blog post, once we came back from Spain, we had a friend’s birthday drinks to go to pretty much as soon as we arrived. It wasn’t a big night by any means, just some lovely drinks with a group of about 10 of us in Woodworkers in Belfast.

I don’t know about you lot, but did you ever feel maternal guilt over anything that you shouldn’t really? On Saturday night I felt guilty about the smallest things, such as being in a bar full of loud music. I kept worrying it was too loud for Baby D and pictured him covering his ears to try and block out the sound.

Then at one point I got really hot and had to go outside but of course once I was outside I felt guilty about standing in the drizzle and being surrounded by smokers. Of course what else popped into my head but all those reports about how second hand smoke can be just as damaging as smoking yourself!

I voiced my concerns to my friend who told me to stop being so silly and I relaxed a bit but it just kept nagging at me until I wanted to head home before midnight.

Please tell me some of you have felt this guilt? I mean, I love going out with friends and enjoying myself, but there’s just something in me that makes me feel like I have to be more responsible and Baby D isn’t even here yet!! I’m going to have to chill out or I’ll be one of those frantic mothers who worries non stop!

Did any of you feel like this when pregnant? I’d love to hear some tips on how to get over it!

T x